Murwillumbah Community College (RTO 90044)

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Wellbeing, Health and Personal Development.

International Vegetarian Cuisine with Damodara Pandit

Explore traditional vegetarian cuisine of many cultures including North and South Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. Each week students will learn to complete a vegetarian meal from a specific cultural style of cooking. Share what you have cooked as an evening meal.

Date:  6 x Tuesdays starting 6th August concluding  10th September. Time: 5.30pm to 8.00pm.  Fee:  $180  Concession; $164. Venue: Murwillumbah Community College upstairs.


Free:  Introduction to Taiji Qui Gongs (Tai Chi) and Acupuncture, Acupressure and Reflexology with Jennifer Press

A free introductory session with internationally experienced health sciences practitioner, Jennifer Press, which will increase your holistic understanding of the benefits of these practices.

Date: Wednesday 24th July.  Time  10am to 12pm. Venue Murwillumbah Community College upstairs.  What to bring; comfortable clothing,  water.


Taiji Qui Gongs (Tai Chi) with Jennifer Press

Oxygenate your DNA. Jennifer trained in China and has complete confidence in her students’ capacity to learn this practice. If you can breathe you can do it! Learn how to train your body mind and speech without strain and force and experience the benefits for your whole health.

Date: 6 x Wednesdays 31st July to September 4th. Time 10am to 12pm. Fees: $140  Concession $128. Venue Murwillumbah Community College upstairs What to bring; comfortable clothing,  water.


Acupuncture, Acupressure and Reflexology with Jennifer Press

Learning these practices involves a hands on experiential approach. Improve your balance and coordination, increase circulation and blood flow and improve your digestion and lung capacity. Jennifer has over 30 years experience as a teacher and consultant.

Date: 2 x Saturdays  August 3rd and August 10th. Time  10.00am to 4.00pm. Fees: $140  Concession: $128.  Venue Murwillumbah Community College upstairs. What to bring; comfortable clothing, water.


Logic for Clear Thinking and Argument with Lau Guerreiro

We are all at the end of what seems to be persuasive logic. Advertising and some public figures and celebrities can influence you with common techniques that sound reasonable but are logically flawed. Learn the basics of logic to help you sort out the truth of the attempts of others to persuade you to a certain point of view and the increase your capacity to express your ideas clearly and powerfully.

Date: 2 x Saturdays  August 3rd and August 10th.Time  10am to 12pm. Fees: $45  Concession: $40. Venue Murwillumbah Community College upstairs.


Integrated Brainworks  – Accelerated Learning with Beth Stewart

Learning how to learn effectively is very important in these times of rapid change. This course introduces strategies to apply to a wide range of learning situations. It is excellent for those returning to study as well as developing skills for lifelong learning. The techniques used will assist you to quickly and easily improve your ability to learn and perform. Learn how to effectively utilise your brain and body to maximise the benefits from various techniques presented.  You will learn how to integrate your body and brain to enhance learning. Discover  your best and preferred way of learning, improve your concentration and enjoy learning as a positive experience.

Date:  6 x Mondays starting 22nd July concluding  26th August. Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm. Fee: $130  Concession; $118.  Venue: Murwillumbah Community College upstairs.  What to bring: Pen and paper.


Wellbeing Toolkit  with Kerry Nijam

An invaluable guide for following the alternative path to Wellbeing, Participate in the making of  an Australian Flower Essence to use in your first aid kit. Learn about Chakras, how to balance the body, mind and spirit using Sound and Crystal Therapy and much more.

Date: Sunday 4th August.  Time: 9.00am  to 4.00pm. Fee: $90 Concession; $81. Venue: Murwillumbah Community College upstairs.